Steve Prescott Foundation - EndtoEndXDay 6 Update – Penrith to Dumbarton- End to End eXtreme Challenge

140 mile total mileage, 110 mile of that was into a massive headwind. 6 Days in the mental and physical strain is starting to show in the team, “this was the toughest day yet”, said Neil. Even some of the guys who were experienced cyclist ‘hit the wall’ on this leg.

Neil also realised just how important protective head gear is when riding a bike. He said ” I clipped Precky’s back wheel and it was either take both of them out or just bail out, so I bailed out. I thought it would be better going backwards as opposed to sideways and doing my elbow and arm in, so I bailed of the bike backwards and my helmet smashed against the tarmac. Only for the helmet, I would of been a goner!” Luckily though, Neil wasn’t hurt too badly at all. Got back on his bike and carried on with the rest of the team.

Neil’s team mate Nigel wasn’t so lucky though, he was another casualty of this gruelling 140 miles stage. Nigel came off at a roundabout and smashed his elbow into the road. Unbelievably Nigel then rode for about 50 miles and finished the stage riding WITH ONE HAND!

I think that just shows the sheer guts and determination of these guys. What an monumental effort!!

They started cycling at around 5:30am and finally made it to Dumbarton for 9:40pm! This challenge is just off the scale.

Day 7 Update – Dumbarton to Fort William – End to End eXtreme Challenge

Neil told me today was going to be reasonably easy as they only had to cycle 74 miles! “I never thought I’d hear myself say that” he said.

I spoke to him around 5:45pm today as he was sat looking out over Loch Lomond. He said all the team where at the hotel, showered and ready to eat. “This was the most enjoyable stage of the challenge so far. Some beautiful scenery and not as many massive hills. This will be the first night we’ll get some decent sleep and give our bodies chance to recuperate.”

I think they’re going to need it though as tomorrow (Saturday) they’ve got a 100 mile ride with Ben Nevis to climb after the first 15 miles or so.

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End to End Extreme Challenge - Steve Prescott FoundationHi, it’s Ian here, Neil’s brother. I thought i’d give a quick update on how Neil’s getting on in his latest challenge raising money for the Steve Prescott Foundation, the End to End Extreme Challenge.

Last Saturday morning (2nd June 2011), all the guys set off from Lands End on a 1024 mile cycle ride to John O’Groats. On route they planned to climb Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis.

I don’t think any of them realised exactly what it was they’d took on. This is a MASSIVE challenge to even the most keenest of cycling enthusiast and they had to complete the challenge in 9 days!

To sponsor Neil in this monumental challenge, and help him hit his £1,000 target please click the following link….


As of writing this Neil’s 54% of target, let’s see if we can give a big push towards that magical £1,000

I spoke to Neil last night (8th June) after they’d just rode 40 miles from Lancaster to Scafell Pike in the Lake District, climbed Scafell Pike, which took them around 6 hours 40mins and then rode another 25 miles in terrential rain to Penrith where they stayed the night.

This took them to around 590 miles so far PLUS Snowdon and Scafell Pike in the bag.

You can catch up with all the latest developments here…

This morning they had another 140 miles to ride to Dumbarton before they ride up to Fort William tomorrow to take on Ben Nevis.

This has been a huge effort so far by all the guys involved and they’ve raised thousands of pounds so far for the Steve Prescott Foundation.

Steve  himself is one amazing guy! 4 years ago he was given only months to live, but Steve wasn’t having that and proceeded to take on bigger and bigger challenges each year to raise money for The Christie in Manchester and Try Assist. Last year in 2010 Steve and his pals ran 4 marathons in 4 days and was also rightfully awarded an MBE for his services to charity.

Steve is a real inspiration and a true warrior. And that goes for all the guys who’ve taken part in the challenges with Steve, as I’m sure they’d of been 10 times more difficult without them.

I’ll hopefully be speaking to Neil tonight for another update so I’ll post here and let you know how they’re getting on.

Don’t forget, if you can spare a couple of pounds and help Neil reach his target of £1,000 I’m sure it would help numb the pain of them last few hundred miles, oh and Ben Nevis 🙂




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