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Rugby Skills Drill Video

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This is a simple drill used by several professional Rugby League Teams in both the UK and Australia.

It can be used as both a warm up drill and/or part of a skills conditioning circuit. The aim of the drill is to improve

  • catching
  • handling
  • passing

This drill forces the player to concentrate on hand/eye co-ordination by using smaller objects such as a tennis ball or golf ball.

After the initial square exercise, you’ll notice the coach has the players 3 attackers v 3 defenders. This is the more advanced option and I suggest you start with 2 v 1 then build up to 3 v 2 and finally 3 v 3 once the players have progressed.

Let me know your thoughts about this drill and whether you have any success with it by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page. Anyhow here’s the drill…


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