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Drop Kicking Drills

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Drop Kick

Drop Kick

I seem to be getting quite a few questions about certain types of kicking drills and here’s one that is quite common;

“I am coaching a youth team so the child will be u15 and only just starting as a defined kicker at this point he is only going to restarts as we do not play for drop goals as we encourage running and scoring tries, He will mainly be doing drop kicks from restarts and 22 drop outs.

My kicker for poles is someone else at this time. With regards chasing kicks I have defined people and others know they have to drop back to cover the lines and assist the full back. I am having difficulty with my drop kickers technique at htis time. Can you help and send me some drills I can have him working on?”

For the answer, please download the following word doc;

Drop Kick Drills

Till next Time

(David Griffiths)
Kicking Coach

Comments (2)