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Over the past few months, we’ve heard 3 major concerns from our coaches about the impending launch of and this update will address the #1 concern…

Concern#1 : “If we publish our 1RugbyCoach membership site for amateur coaches, then our killer tips tricks and techniques for coaching especially in video will be shared by everyone and will not be as effective.”

Background: A couple of months ago we let it slip to our interested coaches that we were getting ready to launch a 1 stop shop Rugby Coaching site aimed at all amateur and semi-professional coaches.

That little note in our update set of a bit of a firestorm of email from our coaches and surprisingly enough, the biggest concern was one that we just hadn’t anticipated. Our coaches told us that once we peel back the curtain and reveal these tips, tricks and techniques especially in video form, it would let the cat out of the bag and the drills would either level the playing field or become less effective.

After thinking about this, I came to the conclusion that there are literally hundreds of thousands of amateur coaches across the globe so what are the chances of all of them accessing this information.

But the biggest fact for me was that most of the elite clubs all use these drills week in week out but there are always winners and losers so it obviously comes down to the implementation of the information.

Bottom Line: With that said we are going to share this information with amatuer coaches such as yourself and you can use it as you see fit. But I will guarantee that just by using this information, you will already be putting yourself ahead of your competitors as most will not even be privvy to these core skills techniques.

Stay tuned for more details. Our anticipated release date is Tuesday 20th Oct 2009. The best way to stay informed about the launch is by joining our announcement list through one of the 3 giveaways below.

If you’ve received one or all of the bonuses below then you don’t need to worry as you’re already on the announcement list and you’ll be kept in the loop 🙂

Ex-International Rugby Coach Interview

4 Week Skills Program

Ex-Dual International Rugby Coach Interview

Enjoy your rugby


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Clive Griffiths Interview

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Clive Griffiths International Rugby Coach

Clive Griffiths International Rugby Coach

In the run up to launching, I wanted to share some great content with amateur rugby coaches across the globe and after the Ex GB Rugby League interview with Brian Noble I wanted to interview someone with knowledge of both codes.

This led me to an interview with dual international player AND coach Clive Griffiths. After collating hundreds of questions from amateur rugby coaches from both codes across the globe, I placed them into categories and put them to Clive for his expert opinion.

I think you’ll agree after listening to this 63 min interview that it was well worth the listen:-)

Click Here To Go and Listen to the Interview

Please leave your comments below

Enjoy your rugby:-)

Neil Harmon

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