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Free 1 Year Membership Winners

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celebrationFirst of all, a big thank you to everyone who left a comment on the previous post and to everyone who emailed me separately explaining why they should have a free club membership. There was over 60 people from all over the world who entered even though 30+ emailed instead of leaving a blog post! Anyway seeing as I’m in the Christmas spirit I’m not going to penalise them and everyones comments were taken into consideration:-)

I think the one massive plus point to come out of this blog post was the huge number of amateur coaches across the globe that care for the future of both rugby league and rugby union through their selfless coaching efforts.

With that said, due to the number of coaches from different countries, I’ve decided to award one club the full years membership  for all their coaches PLUS  give one club per country a membership for 5 coaches and give everyone else a free month just because it’s Christmas:-)

The winner for a full years membership for all their coaches is Quintin Abrie from South Africa who’s part of a non-profit coaching agency that coaches rugby players, advantage or disadvantage, young or old, amateur or professional. Quote “If they want to play rugby we’ll coach them. We like to go and present coaching clinics @ Child Care Centers, and in the rural communities.”

So congratulations to Quintin and I’ll be in touch with the lucky winners from all the other countries and to everyone that either left a comment or emailed me regarding the free membership.

Enjoy your rugby

Neil Harmon

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