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Free 12 Month Membership For A Whole Amateur Club!

Free 12 Month Membership For A Whole Amateur Club!


Yes you read that correctly and no I’ve not been on the whiskey!

Let me explain…….

My blog post before the launch caused a bit of a stir among the amateur rugby coaching fraternity regarding the price of my new membership site http://1RugbyCoach.com and I received quite a few negative as well as positive comments.

One of the comments was left by a guy named Paul, who suggested that I make the site available to a whole club for the same price. Well thanks to Paul, I received a ton of email agreeing with him and asking if this was possible.

Now bearing in mind some amateur clubs have over 20 coaches with most having about 10. Lets take the lower figure 10 x £14.95/month which equals £149.50 (which could be double for some of the bigger clubs). Now times that by 12 = £1796.40 for the year!

Which amateur clubs could afford that kind of money…..not many right!

So I’m going to give away a full 12 month membership to 1 amateur rugby club no matter if they have 5, 10, 15, or 20+ coaches.

This means all the coaches in your club can have access to all the videos, articles and downloads on the 1RugbyCoach.com membership site as well as gaining access to our support forums where you’ll be sharing ideas and techniques with rugby coaches from across the globe!

Here’s the rules:- You must post a comment at the bottom of this blog stating

  1. Your name, your amateur club and which country you play in (so we can see your real:-)
  2. Why your club deserves the free 12 month membership

Comments will close at noon GMT Sat 5th Dec 2009 which gives you just under a week to get your comments in.

I will announce the winning amateur club on Mon 7th Dec 2009 and should have the memberships available by Wed/Thur (9th/10th Dec)

So with over £1700 worth of memberships available, what are you waiting for….?

Happy Days!


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I am i/c of all coaching at the above school and we have very strong links with our local club Ballymoney RFC (ballymoneyrfc.com). Any opportunity to share good practice is welcome. Good work!

Peter Davidson


LLansawel rfc been newly entered into division 6 west of the swalec welsh league. village population of only 400 but though sheer hard work by every body inolved with the club, we put a side together every saturday and have done so for the last 30years. so access to this sort of great coaching information would be invaluable.



I’m the only coach of an amateur club in North London, Haringey in the UK. We run 2 teams. We are in an area dominated by Soccer and that means we are struggling more than other teams to get players and coaches. This is only my second season coaching so having 12months free membership will benefit my club and players a lot.



Rugby is Freestyle Sport coach’s passion. We’re a non-profit coaching agency that coaches rugby players, advantage or disadvantage, young or old, amateur or professional. If they want to play rugby we’ll coach them. We like to go and present coaching clinics @ Child Care Centers, and in the rural communities.
Freestyle sport’s Motto is: Coaching for Jesus. While we’re coaching we teach the athletes that Jesus is really up to something in everyone’s life.

Oh by the way Freestyle Sport is proudly South African.


The Bears are a club that caters for teams from Under 6s to opens A grade. We have a mix of coaches with upto 20 years experience and the new coach just starting out. Your membership would be an excellent tool to have as it would allow our newer coaches to actually see the drills in action and be able to take back to their teams and also to add some new ideas to the older coaches. I could not say we deserve a free membership but I could say we would definately use if we had.


top website . lots of useful stuff


my club is hindley arlfc which is in wigan england we are one of several clubs in the area but the more established clubs ie st patricks and st judes tend to do better than us . so i think we could do with all the help possible thank you


We are a relatively new youth section with 7 volunteer coaches working had with me. The club itself is an old club but only recently engaged me to organise a youth section.

I feel the winning of this award would dramatically assist my coaches and the entire club, who have recently changed their coaches. This award would benefit all clubs, but I believe that we would be able to help our new coaches and encourage them to become higher ability coaches and obtain their higher levels of coaching. The knock on effect would be that this would assist our young players, as most are relatively new to the game.


Hi Neil
Mrs. Anne Botha gave me all the mails you send to her. I would love to take you up on this oppertunity to receive the free 12 month membership offer. Ours school is in South-Africa, in the Gauteng provence in Pretoria: Laerskool Wonderboom. (Laerskool / primary school)

Why? Our school was voted the Best rugby school in the Pretoria District D3. I was the rugby organiser and just want to make sure it stays that way.

Kind regards
Johann Dinkelmann

Hi Neil
Johann also received the award for best rugby coach of the year.
Kind regards


Dear Neil,
I am one of a number of underage coaches in Clonakilty RFC in West Cork, Rep. Ireland. Like most parents of players (my son & daughter play U12 and U9 respectively) I stood by looking on at their training sessions until I was encouraged by the underage headcoach to get involved with the sessions even though I had no coaching experience. I have just completed the IRFU Mini Rugby Coach Course with 4 of my colleagues and feel that with online support from 1RugbyCoach.com that our club underage teams could really benefit.
kind regards Tony Cantwell


Hi Neil, Hello and thank you. I am the coach of the Under 11 team at Newtown Junior Rugby League Football Club in Toowwomba, Queensland, Australia. I`ve been utilizing the imformation that you have been giving. Not just yours, but from other coachs as well. I have seen an important change in my team. It really seems to boost them up when I tell them, we will be using some training tips I have got from a coach in England.I first saw your site early this year when looking for some new drills, I have implelemented a lot of these drils into our sessions with substantial results.It is with this improvement in my team that I would like to be able to to share the wealth of knowledge that your site has with the whole club. This year with a whole new committee and veiw on the season, this membership would be the biggest boost we could get. Our club has produced some high profile players in the past, Steven Price, Jaymon Lowe, Ben Lowe and Micheal Witt ( soon heading your way Neil for your Super League). with this membership we would have the platform to carry on and ensure that all players can have the same experience and tools to become a super star of the future. Great work Keep it up, your friends in Australia.


Holas. Soy Gustavo del Club Atletico Cumbres. Nuestro Club esta ubicado en San Martin de los Andes, Provincia de Neuquen. Republica Argentina.
Nos gustaria recibir la membresia gratuita porque somos un club nuevo, sin recursos economicos y con muchas ganas de aprender lo nuevo del rugby.
Muchas Gracias y saludos desde Argentina


Hi there
I think that Effingham and Leatherhead RFC should be the recipients of the free coaching.
Our first team play in London 2 South West Division.
We have 2 senior sides and have a full mini and junior set up from under 6 through to under 18 all of whom perform on a sunday plus an additional U21 side that operates around holiday times when the students are back.

The club is committed to a high quality of coaching, and I have recently been appointed club coaching co-ordinator to help to oversee this.

Along with the local RDO I recently organized a Tag Ready course at our club and out of the 19 who attended 9 were from Effingham and Leatherhead.

We are only a small village club and this aware would greatly assist us in our coaching development

Best Regards

Steve McGee
Club coaching co-ordinator and Under 14 lead coach


Im Dayle Jones The under 17s coach for Ards rfc we are a small club based in Northern Ireland.
We as a club try to promote rugby in the local area and have a fully commited group of coaches in the youth section that give up their time up (2 nights and a whole day on saturdays) with no charge. All the coaches also put in the time to go on courses at their own expense to aid the development of young players and give them a sense of belonging to a a well run and commited club.

If we were to have such a membership as what is on offer we would be able to give those players not only our knowlage but that of more experianced coaches and give the young guys a better understanding of training and the game that we love in general. Rugby has done so much for us coaches we have to try and give back in the best way we can and with such an aid as this site we can.


We are a small club based in Northern California catering to high school boys aged 13-18. There are 3 Mother Lode high school boys teams that are based on school grade year and 1 girls team. We are excited that this year will be our first to include a year 7/8 team age 11 and 12! We purposely keep costs down so that all boys and girls can afford to play. We just have enough funds to cover our yearly expensives and use the remainder for a end of year party. There are 8 coaches total and I know that your expertise would benefit the boys and girls greatly.

Thank you,
Pete Lisson Mother Lode Rugby

John (Coby) Cockburn
November 30th, 2009 at 10:34 am

I coach our boys U-15 team in Vancouver BC Canada for the Meraloma Rugby Club. We’re a well established club but like all clubs in BC and Canada the clubs are operating on a volunteer basis. We generate funds from successful mini and junior programs to run the mens divisions. We sell raffle tix, put on BBQ’s etc. to prop up the revenues … and of coarse, sell a few beer.
It would be great to have a resource such as this but frankly as an individual I can not afford to carry the cost alone.
Thanks for your consideration,


As a club we fill all your criteria, lots of coach’s, lot’s of senior players and hundreds of boy’s and girl’s.
Where we feel we out shine other local clubs is with our training, its no mistake having boy’s playing for Yorkshire and central Yorkshire at U13’s,U14,s,U15’s and U16’s this is all down to web sites like yours who give us that extra edge over other club’s.
I know they say it’s not all about winning, just ask our boys and see what they say!

All the best.

Kevin Woodley Otley R.U.F.C


hello neil my name is simon speakman
i currently coach at wigan st patricks arlfc openage and under 16s
based in wigan great britain

I feel my club would benefit from this membership as we have so many up and comin coaches in the club i feel it would really benefit them when they was doing their sessions at training and it would also help us all to develop at the same rate and maybe all coach to the same structure.I also feel it would benefit as a club to be awarded this membership as it would give all coaches access to the same drills instead of asking for drills of other coaches which we do we share all our drills but some coaches develop more than others. I hope you feel this is a good enough reason for you to award us with your membership.


Hi i coach at Selby Warriors arlfc and have used some of your tips and drills in the past with great results . Would love to be able to share your knowledge with the whole of the club. Hope we are lucky enough to win this great prise would benefit the whole club from the coaches to the youngest of players . Thanks fingers crossed.


Hi Neil,
gonna be tough with some of the posts – but it was my idea originally therefore we should get the free 12 months 😉


Shaw Cross Sharks ARLFC – you no the details, but to explain, we are a registered charity providing rugby league from age 6 through to open age. We have 11 junior/youth teams and 2 open age. The Club is now in its 63rd year and is still run by both founder members: Douglas Hird BEM and Alan Lancaster MBE. We have a very strong junior & youth section (probably as strong as ever) with a passion and emphasis on technical development, more so with the “World First” professional club commitment with the Dewsbury Rams to mentor our u10s (Current pilot) with a view to expand to 11s, 12s and role out to other clubs….
We constantly invite along other coaches and professional players to training sessions for a wider variety of coaching. The Club itself has around 25 coaches so this deal would be a great way to broaden knowledge for all.

PS – the M4D website will hopefully launch in Spring 2010 – wouldnt say no to both sites inter linking!! Cheers JS


Neil ,
Now I’m senior in secend klub in Latvia “Ovals ” and oganised competition and coach student team. First introdaction in 1 Rugby Coach I have when stay in Leeds . Your blog giv new sight in may old coach knowelges. Regards Victor.


Hallo, Neil

Great idea for a free package. I am a o/19 coach in South Africa at ‘n public school, Dirkie Uys High school (amateur). We are struggling with to keep up with the bigger schools that atrack all our big, talented rugyplayers so we have to rely on the rest and coaching is the only way to straigten the field and that we do not fall behind. We have five coaches.

Thank You

Johan Jacobs


It might be a good idea to offer the same deal to local secobdary schools.
One I have some contact with is Castleford Technology and Sports college, (Castleford High School)
For the last 3 years they have achieved unpresidented success in the Carnegie Champion Schools competitions, reaching 6 of the 8 finals for the 3rd succesive year last term.
I can appreciate that other schools may not appreciate Cas’ High being able to access this extra information? – But I am sure it would help the staff up there to raise the bar even higher, for both their Girls and Boys squads.
Having said all that, I do think that ultimately it is upto the Individual coach/teacher to further their ongoing Rugby League development, but which ever organisation gets this free for 1 year should very much appreciate it.


i play for harare sports club in zimbabwe we are in what we call our top league and we are the current league champions, why i believe we are an amature club, is the fact that no one in our league earns from playing the sport its more on a social basis yet we are working so hard to groom youngsters who would like to take the game of rugby to a higher level, the only way we can achieve this is to have the latest coaching techniques methods and strategies, how to condition our men .

thank you


I am the only coach at a fast growing club, I am looking to get an assistant coach and a second team coach by the end of the season, the club is a very friendly welcoming club who have only turned from a social pub team to having a 1st XV 2nd XV and a social team, in the last 2 years. There first team have been promoted the last 2 years running and the second team have just entered the lowest league this year and are doing ok. This 1 year free membership would help me to keep this club successful and continuing to grow.



Hallo, Neil

Great idea for a free package. I am a school teacher and a coach for my school (Labuan Science Secondary School) and state U18 rugby coach in Labuan Malaysia. Our state’s rugby team is struggling to keep up with the bigger states team in Malaysia National U-18 Competition every year. So, we have to rely on every sources in internet about rugby coaching to make sure we do not fall behind.

Me also involved in Labuan Rugby Club (LRC), and we are organise Beach Rugby Carnival and Labuan 10’s Open Rugby Tournament every year since 2000.

Thank You



I coach at St. Thomas High School in Houston, Texas (United States). We are a Varsity XV side which competes in the Texas High School Rugby Conference. We are always looking for ideas and help to build or library of coaching tools in the effort to create a better rugby product. Anything that is expert driven is a huge bonus for us, and I guarantee we would get massive value from a free membership. Your information will gain a much broader audience as I am also Director of Rugby for the Texas Elite High Performance Development Group. Thanks for your consideration!


I am the headcoach of Scottsdene in Kraaifontein, Cape Town South Africa.I am the first woman to became the headcoach of one of the clubs in the top league in Western Province. I believe my club can benefit from this free membership because the seven coaches in the club must bring the best coaching skills and idees to the field otherwise the players leave for other clubs who offer them a lot of money. It is good coaching vs money .At Scottsdene we coach and play for the love of the game not for money .



My name is Travis Pulver and I coach the boys team for the Noblesville Rugby Football Club in Indiana (U.S.). I have been doing so for the last three years after playing for the previous ten (or twelve; many of the games kind of blur together due to head trauma no doubt)years.

I got into coaching for two reasons. One, my friend asked me to. He told me these guys were in need of a coach or their season would not exist. He knew (and I admitted freely) that my knowledge was just enough to be able to play, but with no one else willing these kids were desperate.

Secondly, I have always apreciated what coaches do. To be honest, I credit the ones I had growing up with raising me more than I do my own parents. I know that some of these guys are undoubtedly in similar positions as to what I had growing up. They need this. So I said I would do it.

Not one to teach them the wrong things I have had to study up on all the ins and outs of the game, especially backline stuff since I am a carrier tight five player. With work and family responsibilities doing so can be pretty difficult- especially since I have a baby boy at home now.

I am also out of work so I could not afford a membership. It would greatly benefit my team however, and I appreciate the chance to get it for free.


Travis Pulver
Noblesville Rugby


I am playing amateur rugby here in Samoa for our local club known as Lupe o le Soaga, and am statrting to coach our sevens team after the fifteen and getting interested this is a very interesting package and a great opportunity for us to really access to some professional and most up to date trainning programmes that you offered.

Thanks Neil



Hi I am denovan blaauw at a rugby club in south africa cape town and i think this will be bneficial to me and the players.thank you very much for all the information.

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