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How A Rugby Coach Achieves A ‘Team Culture’


Most of the top coaches in any sport will agree that one of their first jobs as a head coach is to achieve a “Team Culture” amongst the squad. Basically this means you want the team to have a tribal nature where there has to be a sense of pride in the jersey they’re wearing.

Generally the teams that go well and the best teams that I’ve played in have developed a definite sense of “us” against “them” and a main factor in achieving this is to have that sense of pride in whoever you’re playing for.

Once a player puts on their jersey, it’s the job of the coach to manage them individually and help them to be the best they can be.

A question that comes up from a lot amateur coaches is “How do you create a ‘Team Culture’ when you’ve only got 2 – 3 sessions per week with the players?”

To answer this question, I would say that a coach helps build a ‘Team’ by connecting to the players.

All players are different and as a coach you need to identify how to speak to players depending on their personality. For example you can’t scream and shout at a shy player in front of the group because you’ll definitely lose him.

A more appropriate action with this type of player would be a quite word “I’ve seen you do better” which will have a much better outcome. The flip side to this is that this method would not work with some of the stronger characters in the group.

If time is at a premium and you only have 2 – 3 sessions in which to do everything then I would suggest, at the start of every session, have a quick review of what you did at your last session and remind the players what you are trying to achieve.

To summarize ‘Building A Team’

· A connection needs to be made at an individual level

· A great “Team Culture” enhances player performance

· Player Empowerment (more on this later)

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