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Fitness For Rugby

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Here’s a simple video that anyone who’s interested in fitness for rugby can implement into one of your fitness conditioning sessions. One thing I would have added to this drill, is get the players to do the drill carrying a ball. Especially if you’re a coach who only has an hour or two with your team and time is of the essence.

This can be incorporated into any offensive ball session and is quick to set up.

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Enjoy your rugby


P.S. as always let me know your comments:-)

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Coast 2 Coast Bike Ride

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Just to show that once you hang your boots up you still can’t resist a challenge. On Sat 25th Sept 2010 yours truly and half a dozen others set off from Whitehaven to begin the 140 mile bike ride across to Newcastle to partake in the C2C (coast 2 coast) bike ride that thousands of cyclists do every year.

The ride was organised by my ex Warrington team mate Nigel Geary (the ugly one on the right!) and us three along with another half a dozen reprebates from Wigan took up the challenge.

I must admit that I hadn’t done as much training as I’d hoped to do but with the help of our carbohydrate/electrolyte supplements we set off with pain free legs.

I must say a big thank you to Predator Nutrition for supplying the team with our carb/electrolyte supplements as I for one would have struggled without them.

Here’s a shot with the team just about to set off on our second day after loading up on our carb drinks along with several full english breakfasts:-)

A few of us just after sampling the delights of the highest cafe on the route:-)

Finally after 140 mile and some very tired limbs the first three made it to the Newcastle coastline. I’ve got to say it was a tough but enjoyable ride and thank God for supplements and Guiness:-)

Massive thank you to Predator Nutrition for their help on supplying the Sports Nutrition and to Nige for organising the challenge.

Let me know if you’ve taken part in a challenge recently or if you know of any that are worth a shot at.

Be Well


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