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Fitness For Rugby

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Here’s a simple video that anyone who’s interested in fitness for rugby can implement into one of your fitness conditioning sessions. One thing I would have added to this drill, is get the players to do the drill carrying a ball. Especially if you’re a coach who only has an hour or two with your team and time is of the essence.

This can be incorporated into any offensive ball session and is quick to set up.

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Enjoy your rugby


P.S. as always let me know your comments:-)

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Rugby Skills Drill Video

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This is a simple drill used by several professional Rugby League Teams in both the UK and Australia.

It can be used as both a warm up drill and/or part of a skills conditioning circuit. The aim of the drill is to improve

  • catching
  • handling
  • passing

This drill forces the player to concentrate on hand/eye co-ordination by using smaller objects such as a tennis ball or golf ball.

After the initial square exercise, you’ll notice the coach has the players 3 attackers v 3 defenders. This is the more advanced option and I suggest you start with 2 v 1 then build up to 3 v 2 and finally 3 v 3 once the players have progressed.

Let me know your thoughts about this drill and whether you have any success with it by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page. Anyhow here’s the drill…


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