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Twitter and Rugby Coaching


twitterbirdIn case you’ve been in a cave the last few months, you may well have heard about the new social media site ‘Twitter’. For those of you who are already using this, my apologies for being a bit behind the time:) For those who haven’t heard of Twitter, then all I can say is, YOU WILL.

I must admit when I was first introduced to ‘tweeting’ (get me with the lingo), I thought what a waste of time as you can only write 140 words and what’s the use in that! But once you get into it, this micro-blogging is not only fun but enables you to communicate with hundreds/thousands of people that happen to be interested in the same subjects as yourself.

So for months now I saw and heard the buzz about Twitter, but it wasn’t until I came across this little $17 ebook ‘Twitter Treasure Chest’ that I fully understood its marketing implications and how I could use it to speak to Rugby Coaches worldwide. Now I can clearly see how using Twitter can help me further build relationships with coaches, and I am going to be ‘tweeting’ frequently! In fact, I have already started.

What I liked about this product is that it also came with 11 videos going through step by step from simply setting up your account to integrating some cool tools and even how you can make sum cash!

Follow my updates on Twitter by clicking the image below and then ‘click’ the follow button.


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